St. Augustine Distillery

St. Augustine Distillery

St. Augustine Distillery is the spirit of Florida. The distillery aims to capture the taste of Florida and was founded by 20 local families. Preservation and restoration led to the St. Augustine Distillery transforming the state’s oldest ice plant into the country’s most visited craft distillery.


St. Augustine Distillery was founded in 2013 with a commitment of creating world-class distilleries that use local agriculture to procure grains while also supporting local farmers. Every bottle of bourbon is distilled and bottled and never blended with other whiskey.

A refined process ensures that the bourbon sold through the distillery is perfect before barreling and aging.

Real people, the valued employees that work at the distillery, hand bottle every spirit.

The distillery is a collaboration of twenty families in St. Augustine that are committed to:

  • Sustainability
  • Community outreach
  • Preserving history
  • Job creation

Creating the Best Whiskey Distillery Tour in North America

St. Augustine Distillery wants to bring the distillery process to the masses. When you go to the distillery, you can take a free tour with no reservations required. The tour allows you to learn about the different bourbons and barrels used as well as how to make signature cocktails.

The tour is available 7 days a week.

Family and friends are welcome to take pictures, shop and watch the team as they finish bottling new vintages. There’s also a neat new option coming soon that allows you to fill your own.

You’ll be able to make a reservation that allows you to:

  • Fill and personalize your own bottle

St Augustine Bourbon

St. Augustine Distillery Bourbons

In 2018, St. Augustine was voted the best Whiskey Distillery North America. While you’ll find that the distillery offers options for rum, gin and vodka, their most prominent spirit is their bourbon, which is some of the best to come out of the southeast.

You’ll also find a variety of mixes available for adding a twist to your drinks.

St Augustine Distillery The Saint

The Saint Bourbon by St Augustine Distillery

The Saint batch was made 4+ years ago with a total bottle count of 500. Made with a mash bill of 60/22/18 corn, malted barley and wheat, the bourbon has a cask strength of 114 proof, making it a strong, smooth drink.

The barrels used to hold this spirit include:

  • 53 gallon, new charred out barrel
  • 53 gallon barrels used to make Old Fashioned mix

All of the grains are mashed and milled onsite, and then the mash is distilled in 750 gallons of Vendome stripping still. The grains that are spent are sent back to farmers so that there’s zero waste and cattle can be properly fed.

The wines that are leftover are then put into a Vendome 550-gallon spirit still that provides the final proof.

The barrels used in the final production of the spirits is key to the final taste, which has hints of:

  • Chocolate
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Orange peel

You’ll taste notes of dried cherries and a hint of oak with each sip. The unique aging process allows St. Augustine bourbons to have a complex taste.

St Augustine Distillery Florida Straight Bourbon

Florida Straight Bourbon

The spirit spends its entire life in new boak bourbon, 53-gallon barrels that come from Louisville, Kentucky.

Staves undergo an 18-month seasoning that bring enzymes to the top of the surface that offer an even level of wood sugars and tannins. The Florida heat is used in the aging process to help balance out the spirit’s dryness and heat with the perfect sweetness.

Drinkers will notice a note that is similar to single malt.

Vendome stripping still is used in the distillation process, including a 750-gallon and 550-gallon spirit still.

The Straight Bourbon tastes best in a rock glass with a single, large ice cube placed inside. You can also add an orange peel for additional flavor if you like.

St Augustine Distillery Port Finished Bourbon

The Port Finished Bourbon is aged for 16 to 28 months before being aged for an additional 3 to 6 months in Port Barrels. Offering a 102 proof spirit, the bourbon offers the same mash bill of 60 (corn), 22 (malted barley) and 18 (wheat).

The barreling process is what sets this bourbon apart from others in the St. Augustine profile. The process includes:

  • 53 gallon barrel
  • 25 gallon barrel
  • Finishing in Port Barrels

The bourbon starts with the Florida Double Cask Bourbon offered through St. Augustine. The bourbon is then finished in the port barrels that are provided through a partnership with the San Sebastian winery.

The partnership makes perfect sense since you can see the winery from the distillery.

Featuring local products is an important part of the St. Augustine distilling process, with everything possible sourced locally. Local sourcing enables the distillery to support the local economy in ways that competing companies cannot.

When pouring yourself some finished bourbon, be sure to use rock glasses with a single large ice cube to cool the drink down.

A unique blend allows for hints of:

  • Toasted coconut
  • Oak finish
  • Chocolate raisins
  • Spice

Where to Buy St Augustine Spirits

Seelbach's Spirits is our go-to choice for purchasing the best bourbons from Florida whiskey distilleries.

If you’re ordering over $100 worth of goods, shipping is free on your first order.

Seelbachs offers in-depth descriptions of all:

  • St. Augustine Distillery Port Finished Bourbon
  • St. Augustine Rums
  • St. Augustine Gins  

You’ll find the age of all spirits, total bottles, proof and even information on the barrel. The blend of flavors and notes are also provided so that you know what taste to expect from your bourbon.

St. Augustine Distillery comes with rave reviews and over 8,000 positive reviews on Trip Advisor. Tour include samples and information on the distilling process, but you can enjoy the high-end bourbon in the comfort of your own home all year long by ordering from Seelbachs.