Norman's Rare Guitars

Norman’s Rare Guitars

Whether you’re a serious guitar player or avid collector, you’ve probably heard of Norman’s Rare Guitars. The iconic guitar shop on Ventura Blvd in Tarzana, CA has served some of the most famous guitarists in the world. Being so close to Hollywood, the shop is regularly visited by celebrities.

If you’re looking for rare or vintage guitars, Norman’s Rare Guitars is the place to go.

The History of Norman’s Rare Guitars

Norman’s Rare Guitars has been in business for more than 40 years. Professional musicians worldwide stop by to see what Norm has in stock and ask questions. Fender and Gibson have even used photographic references from Norm’s collection to build reissues of their classic guitars.

Norman’s Rare Guitars first opened their doors in 1975, but it didn’t take long for Norm to develop a reputation for his collection of vintage, hard-to-find guitars. As a result, collectors and famous musicians alike have turned to Norm for their guitar needs.

In 2010, the store launched its own YouTube channel with more than 500,000 subscribers.

Why Norman’s Rare Guitars is Popular Among Collectors

Norman’s is a mainstay in rare, vintage guitars. Like this ’67 Fender Jaguar.

The dealer, Norman Harris, isn’t your normal salesman who tries to sell random items at high markup prices. Norman is a celebrity in his own right, especially with the rise of his YouTube channel.

However, Norman has been selling guitars since the late 60s, so he is one of the foremost authorities on rare, vintage guitars.

People flock to Norman’s Rare Guitars because he has:
  • 50+ years’ experience
  • Two books written on vintage guitars
  • Understands quality

He’s been buying and selling guitars for longer than many of his customers have been alive. When you shop Norman’s, you can be sure that the guitar you receive is one of the best in the industry.

And the quality of these guitars has led to many high-profile celebrities shopping at Norman’s, including:

  • Slash
  • Richie Sambora
  • Eddie Van Halen
  • Tom Petty
  • Post Malone
  • Many more

When you buy from Norman’s, you can be sure that the guitars are super clean and have been verified to be the real deal. In addition, new and used guitars are available, and there is an online and offline collection of guitars.

If you’re looking for a super rare guitar or don’t find what you’re interested in on Norman’s site, that doesn’t mean that they’re not for sale. Appointment-only options are available for rare guitars that are kept safely in storage rather than in the retail store or sold online.

Norm’s extensive expertise and knowledgeable staff are two of the main reasons that people put their trust in Norm’s as a collector.

Even Hollywood uses Norm’s guitars for their music videos, television shows and motion pictures. Offering a wide selection of guitars across several eras makes Norm’s the go-to place for celebrities and collectors alike.

Speaking of guitars, Norman’s has a wide range of guitars for sale that you can purchase online or in their physical store.

Norman’s Vintage Guitars for Sale

Norman’s has a vast collection of electric, acoustic and bass guitars from the best guitar makers in the business: Gibson, Fender, Martin, ESP, Guild, Gretsch, Ibanez, Rickenbacker, Taylor and more.

The shop has more than 200 guitars available, including these gems:

Gibson Les Paul R9

Gibson Les Paul R9 for sale

It doesn’t get more iconic than the Gibson Les Paul. Norman’s has a stunning 2020 R9 Iced Tea Burst available right now. This guitar features gold knobs, a white pickguard, chrome tuners and a tune-o-matic bridge. The body is in mint condition, with no noticeable wear to the frets.

The 2020 R9 is a reissue of the classic 1959 Standard model. For Gibson, 1959 was their peak for solid body electric guitars. The sunburst Les Paul standard is iconic, but this guitar was initially a commercial failure until the likes of Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Keith Richards adopted it.

Fender Coronado II

Fender Coronado II for sale

Are you looking for something more vintage? Norman’s has a 1968 Fender Coronado II Antigua available that’s in excellent condition. The body is a pale-yellow color with charcoal along the edges to create a 3D effect.

The Coronado has a rosewood fingerboard, two f-holes, double cutaway and block inlay. The body has a few scratches and scuffs, but nothing beyond the usual wear-and-tear.

The Coronado II was part of a short-lived series from Fender and designed by Roger Rossmeisl. The collection was Fender’s first attempt to get into the hollow body market, and while they didn’t last long, the Coronado II and its siblings are still beloved by collectors and players.

Gibson L5

Gibson L5 for sale

The very first L5 was made in 1923 and under the direction of the legendary Lloyd Loar. This iconic guitar is still in production today, and was the premier guitar of the big band era. Electric versions of this model were introduced in the 1940s.

The earliest versions of this guitar are prized by collectors, but even those from the 1950s are loved by musicians and collectors alike. The cutaway version of this guitar was introduced in 1939 and remained in production until the early 1980s.

Norman’s has a beautiful 1956 L5-N Cutaway acoustic for sale that’s in surprisingly good condition. Imagine the history and stories behind this 60-year-old guitar.

Gibson ES125

gibson es125 for sale

The ES-125 is a hollow body electric guitar that was first introduced in 1941 and evolved out of the ES-100. The original ES-125s were only in production for two years. They were reintroduced in 1946 with some new features, including a wider body, trapezoid inlays and a P-90 pickup. In 1950, Gibson updated the ES-125 again to include dot inlays and an adjustable P-90 pickup.

The ES-125 has been played by some notable musicians, including Sheryl Crow and George Thorogood.

Norman’s has a 1966 ES 125 TDC model for sale in ice tea sunburst and with the original bridge. This guitar features the original frets and P-90 electronics. It has a mahogany neck, maple body and rosewood fingerboard. The grover keys are not original with this one, but this guitar is in great condition with just a few scuffs or scratches.

Norman’s Rare Guitars T-Shirt

normans rare guitars t-shirt from Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Along with their impressive collection of vintage and rare guitars, Norman’s also sells their iconic t-shirt, which was featured in the Forgetting Sarah Marshall movie. Jason Segel wears this shirt in one of the scenes in the film.

Norman’s also sells other merch, including other t-shirt designs, hats, tote bags, books and more.

Remember, these are just a small sample of what Norman’s Rare Guitars has for sale. You can find plenty more online or by visiting Norm’s shop. If you’re in the market for rare or vintage guitars, it doesn’t get much better than Norman’s Rare Guitars.

Shop online at their official Reverb store:

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